Bryce Canyon Lodge – Utah

By | August 6, 2017

If you want to learn the five reasons to go to Bryce Canyon Lodge, read on. This lodge was established in 1924, and is up to this day an intimate place to spend your vacation at.

Horseback rides
Utah is famous for its horseback riding opportunities, to take the time to enjoy this popular activity. Bryce Canyon Lodge offers seasonal horseback riding, from spring and up until fall. Furthermore, you can choose between a 2 hour and a 3 hours ride that will take you through the Canyon.

Bryce Canyon National Park
This amazing National Park is one of the state’s more important attractions. The natural amphitheater is the perfect place to explore on a vacation with your family, and the hotel is located right inside it. A day will not be enough to experience everything the park has to offer, so plan your vacation in time.

Winter attractions
Summer is fun, but you can also visit Bryce Canyon Lodge in winter. The resort provides many deals and packages for the winter period, so that you can enjoy your favorite winter sports to their fullest. The packages include a continental breakfast, as well as many other features you could enjoy.

Restaurants and dining
If you are a fan of fine dining, the hotel includes a restaurant that you need to check out. The menus are vegan friendly, and all the meals are prepared using fresh and local ingredients. If you have kids, you may be glad to learn that the restaurant features a healthy menu for children.

Shopping opportunities
Shopping is fun, and Bryson Canyon Lodge offers many boutiques as well as clothing stores. In addition to that, consider a visit to the gift shop in order to buy something for your friends back home. The unique selection of souvenirs satisfies any taste, so you will surely not leave disappointed.