Red Cliffs Lodge – Utah

By | August 6, 2017

Read on for the Five reasons to go to Red Cliffs Lodge in Utah. This scenic 3 star hotel offer the privacy you need during your vacation, as well as many things to do and see.

Dining out and catering options
The Cowboy Grill is the place to go and have a warm meal after a full day of discovering the area. The restaurant is family friendly, and features a casual cuisine style. You will get to have an amazing view of the Colorado River, and try a burger or a steak. Furthermore, the restaurants offer catering options for private events.

Visit the National Parks
Red Cliffs Lodge is located nearby the National Parks of the state. You can take a day of in order to explore and discover the natural area, of hike on the beautiful trails. The location is ideal for a family trip, and you can take some amazing pictures to show your friends home.

Horseback riding options
The hotel gives you the chance to do horseback riding, and this can be a truly authentic experience for a tourist. The ride trails here are popular among tourists all over the world.

Go on a tour
Red Cliffs Lodge offers tours of the area, and each of them is personalized as to suit your needs. The tours include a guide, and last anything from one hour and up to 2 hours. Some of the tours require a car, and you can rent one or bring your own.

The hotel’s amenities

Red Cliffs Lodge provides a different experience in the heart of the mountains. All the rooms offer a gorgeous view over the river, and you can choose between rooms and condos of different sizes. The rooms also features sofa beds and all the required facilities for guests to feel comfortable.