Top 10 places to visit in Glendale – California

By | December 27, 2016

Read on for more info on the places to visit in Glendale, California. This sunny town makes for a perfect vacation destination at any time of the year. It doesn’t matter whether you are here along or a group of friends, there is something to do for everyone.


Glendale Galleria

Maybe you are looking for a souvenir, or want to spoil yourself with a good dose a shopping. No matter the case, Glendale Galleria is the perfect spot for it. The mall is packed with popular brands, and its stores are open until late in the evening. The mall also includes many attractions for kids, so check it out when you’re in town.


The Americana at Brand

This beautiful mall also includes a park with fountains, so you will be able to get some shopping done but also enjoy your favorite activities. You can come here with your kids and spend some time shopping, watching a movie and eat a dessert at one of the restaurants.


Forest Lawn Memorial Park

If you want to visit a park, head over to the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in order to take a walk and watch the monuments, The park is open every day of the week, so you can stop by whenever you have some free time.


Brand Park

Relax and spend some peaceful moments in this natural oasis. Brand Park is an amazing place to have a picnic, read a book or take pictures of the gorgeous nature seen at every step. Many species of birds reside here, and the park is a good spot for bird-watching.


Glendale Centre Theatre

Maybe you want to attend an artistic performance, and the Glendale Centre Theatre is the perfect spot for it. You can get tickets and watch an opera or ballet performance in the company of your friends.


Deukmejian Wilderness Park

If you want to keep in shape and see some amazing views, visit Deukmejian Wilderness Park for a few hours. The park offers fantastic views over the Glendale area, and many hiking trails for beginners but also experienced hikers.


Alex Theatre

Artistic performances are very popular in Glendale, so visit the Alex Theater on a free night in order to watch a comedy or musical. The theater is modern as well as luxurious, and the lively crowd will make you want to return here again.


Central Park

This park is full of statues and monuments you should not miss out on seeing. Telling a story about the city’s roots, Central Park is open everyday and visited by millions of tourists during the year.


Museum of Neon Art

If you are a fan of modern art, take a tour of this unique museum. The Museum of Neon Art is full of color, and the art on display is relevant to today’s culture.


The Parish Church of St. Mark

This old church will provide some peaceful moments while you are on vacation. Take a guided tour through its rooms, or simply sit outside and take some pictures with your camera.