Top 10 places to visit in Stamford – Connecticut

By | April 30, 2017

Stamford is fun to visit regardless of when you decide to go, and its nature but also attractions will make you want to come back again. If you want to learn more about Stamford before visiting, read on for the top 10 attractions.

Stamford Museum & Nature Center
This unique museum will help you learn more about the city’s history, but also its spectacular flora. Make sure to take the time to enjoy the beautiful plants and trees located here. If your kids are with you, they will surely enjoy this place as well.

Cover Island Park
Stamford features many gorgeous parks, and Cover Island Park is just one of the many. If you enjoy keeping active, you should know that the park includes some hiking trails you may want to check out.

Curtain Call
Maybe you love Broadway performances, and Curtain Call offers the same level for a much lower price. Book some tickets for the weekend shows and enjoy yourself watching the performers.

The Ferguson Library
Maybe you want to learn more about the city’s roots as well as its rich history. In that case, visit The Ferguson Library in order to get acquainted with all the books. The Library is open every day, and includes a large collection of books from all periods of time.

The Palace Theatre
If glam performances are something you enjoy, don’t miss out the chance to watch plays at the The Palace Theatre. The Theatre is the perfect spot for a romantic date with your significant other, but also a means to relax with your friends.

Half Full Brewery
Maybe you enjoy trying out new beers, and Half Full Brewery offers the best possible beer in town. Take the time to try the various types of beer and maybe make some new friends. The spot is popular among locals and tourists alike.

First Presbyterian Church of Stamford
Even if you are not religious, you will probably enjoy seeing the amazing architecture in this church. The church is available for self walks or guided tours, and the backdrop looks amazing in pictures. Furthermore, the church makes a great spot for a wedding reception.

Fort Stamford Park
The park is peaceful and quiet, providing the perfect setting for a relaxing morning or afternoon. Fort Stamford Park is the place where locals walk their dogs, but you can also sit on a bench and enjoy the beautiful views.

Ukrainian Museum and Library
If you want to experience some European culture while in Stamford, take the time to check out the Ukrainian Museum and Library. You will get the chance to learn more about Ukraine, and see some amazing art pieces on display.

Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery
The gallery features some impressive art collections from everywhere in the world, but also local pieces. If you are a fan of art and love learning more about it, the Gallery is the ideal place to spend an afternoon at. Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery is available every day of the week.