Top 10 places to visit in Surprise – Arizona

By | June 12, 2017

Surprise is a small city in Arizona, however the city offers many things to do and see to all its tourists. If you want to learn more about the attractions in Surprise, read on for some info.


Surprise Stadium

The city includes its own baseball stadium that is used in spring. You can visit the stadium and watch a game, and maybe you will have fun cheering for your favorite team.


Digiplex Surprise IMAX

Perhaps you want to have a movie night out, so check out the cinema in the city. Here you will be able to watch the best movies in a fun and casual setting with your friends. The cinema offers a great surrounding full of nature which makes for a delightful experience.


Uptown Alley trips

If you visit with your family and are looking for a fun day out, go to Uptown Alley. The place offers bowling options, but you can also relax and have a coffee at a cozy cafe. More than this, Uptown Alley also provides fun options for kids and games.


Granite Falls Golf Course

Maybe you want to learn more about golf, so check out the Granite Falls Golf Course. The course is elegant and provides options for beginners but also experienced players. If you didn’t bring your own golf gear, you can rent it here.


Irish Wolfhound Restaurant & Pub

Get a taste of the European lifestyle with a tip to the Irish Pub. Here you can experience some of the city’s best beers, but also mingle with the crowd and maybe make some new friends. The waiters are also friendly and provide a great service.


Coyote Lakes Golf Club

Surprise offers more than one gold course you may be interested in, so don’t forget to check out Coyote Lakes as well. The course is fun and the area provides a beautiful and natural setting.


Surprise Aquatic Center

If you are a fan of animals and want to see them in their natural habitat, pay a visit to the Surprise Aquatic Center. Your kids will love this place, and you will also get the chance to take amazing pictures.


Surprise Tennis & Racquet Complex

In case you are a fan of sports, you can practice your favorite activities during your trip to Surprise. Head over to the Tennis Complex for a few hours in order to enjoy a game, and maybe learn something new.


Indigo Tours

Maybe you want to take a tour of the area, and Indigo Tours provides this option. You will get to experience Surprise at its best, and maybe learn more about the gorgeous Arizona state.


Desert Springs Golf Course and Shop

Check out the Golf Course if you want to play gold in the middle of the desert. The area is unique and makes the perfect backdrop for pictures, but you also get the chance to enjoy a challenging golf course. Furthermore, the Golf Course also includes its own shop where you can purchase gear but also accessories.