Top 10 places to visit in Topeka – Kansas

By | June 15, 2017

Topeka is a beautiful city in the heart of Kansas. Maybe you are considering a trip somewhere in the near future, so check out the top 10 places to see for more info.

Kansas State Capitol Building
If you are interested in learning more about the history of Kansas, remember to visit the Capitol. Self walks but also guided tours are available, and you can also take pictures with the building as a backdrop.

Lake Shawnee
The lake provides an amazing scenery that will take your breath away, so come here anytime you want to spend some time in nature. The lake is also a good sport for water sports such as boating, so check out the options during your visit.

Gage Park
If you want to watch beautiful flowers and plants, the Gage Park is the right spot for you. Spend some time surrounded by the beautiful nature and relax with a book. In addition to this, the park also features picnic tables where you can have a Sunday brunch.

Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site
Learn more about American history with a trip to this historic site. You can browse the numerous books and magazines, but also see the memorabilia and perhaps get a souvenir pertaining to Topeka.

Kansas Museum of History
Every tourist likes museums, so take the time to visit the Museum of History located in the city. Visitors are allowed to watch the numerous artifacts, spend some time enjoying the architecture and take a guided tour.

Ward Meade Park
If you are looking for a fun park where you can enjoy your favorite activities, check out the Ward Meade Park. The park offers many fun features to both kids and adults, and you should grab an icecream of a coffee when you get tired.

Topeka Zoological Park
Every city includes a zoo, so head over to the Topeka Zoological Park in order to spend some time surrounded by the animals. Kids will also have fun here, so you can bond and take pictures of the residing animals together.

Ted Ensley Gardens
The Gardens are the best place to go for tourists who love nature, Stroll through the beautiful area and take some moments to relax and maybe take photos of the exotic flowers here.

First Presbyterian Church Topeka
It doesn’t matter whether you are a religious person or not, the First Presbyterian Church is an attraction you don’t want to miss on seeing. The church features amazing windows that will leave you breathless, and its architecture is something out of this world.

Mulvane Art Museum
Maybe you are a lover of art, so head over to the Mulvane Art Museum for an hour or two. You will get to see the small but beautiful art gallery that features an international art collection. Although not large, the Museum is one of the best attractions in Topeka, so don’t forget to pay it a visit when you have the time. Self walks are available here every single day.